Waycross-Ware County Sports Hall of Fame

Walter Taylor

Inducted 2011
Walter received a scholarship to Mississippi Vocational College after service during the Korean Conflict. The vocational college later became Mississippi Valley State. Jerry Rice is probably its best known alumnus.

He was the starting quarterback for four years for the Delta Devils. His play gained him Most Valuable Player awards two his four years. In addition to the gridiron Walter played baseball, basketball and ran track.

He came to Waycross in August of 1959 to teach and coach at Center High School. Along with coaching the girls basketball team he was an assistant to head football coach Everett Saunders. Center High was the most outstanding under their leadership. He excelled at developing quarterbacks and was a stern disciplinarian and peerless motivator.

When the merger of Center High  and Waycross came about in 1958 or 1969 he and Saunders took over the junior varsity with great success. As the feeder program for the varsity they implemented the offensive sets formations used by the varsity and passed on highly trained varsity candidates with spectacular results.

Walter was also a tremendous asset in maintaining discipline in the early years of integration. He had very unique but effective methods and tolerated no deviations from what was expected.

If for no other reason Walter merits induction into the hall of fame for developing four quarterbacks for the Bulldogs, three of which by the was his sons, were first stringers who went on to college on scholarships. Pete went to Florida A&M, Keith to Jackson State and Barry to Southern University.

Walter was married to Lenera (Nell) Taylor and they had six children, Stacy, Phyllis and Patrice are the other three.