Waycross-Ware County Sports Hall of Fame

Andrew Cuneo
Inducted 1990
He was regarded by many as one of the best baseball coaches in the history of Waycross High School and even more as the number 1 supporter of the community’s high school and junior high sports programs. He lost a battle with cancer in 1989.
Andy came to Waycross from Rockaway, N.J. via Cumberland College in Kentucky and Georgia Teachers College (Georgia Southern University). He was all-sports man in high school and after a tour of duty in the Navy, he became an accomplished infielder at Cumberland and later with Georgia Teachers College. He came to Waycross and served as a coach and teacher for more than 30 years.
He seldom missed a high school sporting event and more often than not he could be found at the practice sessions for activities in which he was not involved. Colleagues have described him as an ideal character model for the students with whom he was associated. Appropriately, the Waycross High school baseball field was dedicated “Andy Cuneo Field” to his memory in 1989. Andy Cuneo was a dedicated family man, devoted to his wife, Elizabeth and their Children, Mike and Cindy.